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One of three things:
a. Device used to apply mechanical work.
b. The Band.
c. Someone that is used for another's gain.
d. A penis.
e. Loot spelled backwards.
Bob: Man, that guy is such a tool.
Jim: Yeah, which reminds me, I screwed your wife.
by TheCaffeineJunky December 11, 2006
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One of the friends of the Bob and Tom radio show. His real name is Ron Sexton, who is also known for popular call-ins to the show, such as: Kenny Tarmac, Floyd the Trucker and Morgan Freeman. Often is found in the classifieds, with a boat for sale. Also a member of the band, "Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols."

"Hey man, it's Donnie Baker."
"I swear to God I would"
"Shut up, Randy."
"I gotta go."
"Hey baby what say you and me have a three way: you, me and some of this pork!"
by TheCaffeineJunky March 19, 2007
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Used to describe the act of two emo guys kissing, sometimes achieving an emorgasm. Supposedly emo kissing does not mean that the males are gay, it is just a form of compassion. However, if being homosexual entails the desire to be passionate with other men, and emo kissing means the desire to be passionate with other men, then emo kissing is equivalent to being homosexual.
Bob: Is that two gay guys making out?
Jim: No, it's two emo guys emo kissing.
Bob: Wait... they're dudes, and they're kissing, so how does that not make them gay?
Jim: Uh... I don't know...
by TheCaffeineJunky December 11, 2006
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Describes the text symbol >KO)-> from homestarrunner.com TGS episode 12.
Wireless Wizard: What is this other text mess... >KO)-> ?
Cheerleader: It's a frontways cupid..
Wireless Wizard: Looks more like a USB dongle goblin!!
by TheCaffeineJunky March 14, 2007
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