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literally means "smoke a cigarette"

Pronounced Pop-a-shhhhh-mo
Tom: I'm going to take my pack of camels and Pop a Schmo outside. Care to join?
by The-rev February 27, 2009
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literally means "Shittily chilly" This is when it is really fucking cold and windy and it doesn't snow. This is usually the weather where your car ends up dying and you have to spend 20 minutes freezing your ass off.
"Dude it is -20 degrees and and -40 windchill without a fucking inch of snow on the ground."
"Yeah man, it really is schilly out today."
by The-Rev September 21, 2009
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Upon seeing a large amount of reefer, one almost shits himself/herself.
Tom: I just picked up 18 pounds of alabama kush

Joe: That's Reef-diculous!!!

Tom: Hell yeah! Now lets smoke this shit!
by The-Rev April 11, 2010
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The mohawk look that your car gets when you wipe the snow from only the front and back windshield and there is still a pile of snow on top of the car.
Hey Tom, you gotta wipe the snow from the roof of your car. You have a total Car Hawk
by The-Rev December 04, 2010
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