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adjective: retards who cant afford good clothes so they buy cheap plastic clothes and jewellery. Often seen riding small bikes because they cant afford anything better. Think they are superior because of their lack of intelligence or balls.

Townies can be recognised by their lack of intelligence, monkey like walk, godawful baseball caps and having their tracksuit trousers tucked into their socks like some musketeer

Subtype Micro pikey Midgets who start on people but get beaten up so they threaten to get their monkey cousin on them.
Alex Penrice: A retarded townie with a brain the size of his nonexistent balls. Pre evolution example of the orangutang

Entire Penrice vocab

(only said when asked questions or insulted) Errrmmmm



If approached by one dont worry its completely harmless
by The entire of yateley school February 19, 2004

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When the colour of someones hair is the colour of a bellend.
Alex Penrice is a bellhead
by The entire of yateley school February 20, 2004

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