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one who sells drugs illegally
"These muthafuckas look at me like I'm a slanger
Making threats to family dawg I'm in danger..."
-From "G-Code" by Geto Boys
by The Zad June 10, 2005
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the Persian word for a silent, extremely pungent smelling fart; can be used as a verb
To pronounce it correctly, think of the word "most." Keeping all the sounds the same, change the M to a CH and drop the T. Also in past tense form (such as "chosed," the S does not turn into a Z, is keeps the same sound)
I let out the nastiest chos in the car and my mom nearly suffocated.
He is the chosmaster supreme, fo' sho'.
by the Zad November 27, 2004
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a chick who you talk to online and try to get with her, but doesn't respond to you for a long time because she is talking to another guy at the same time
1. Repeated monosyllabic responses such as "yeah" "no" "yeah" "dunno"
2. Very long intervals between when you send an IM and she answers
3. Her answer times become considerably longer when another guy who you see hanging out with her signs on
4. Responses like "oh sorry", meaning she was not really waiting for you to send an IM and totally forgot about you and your conversation
The Zad: Hey you there?
(5 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Oh sorry.
AIMSlut: Hi.
The Zad: How are you?
(5 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Good.
*AIMcockblocker has just signed on.*
The Zad: How was your day?
(10 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Good.
by the Zad December 01, 2004
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extremely huge
Originally from Wayne's World 2
Her 'fro was like, CAJUNGA man.
That sign on the highway was cajunga man, you could see it from a mile away!
by the Zad December 02, 2004
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Farsi or persian for piss
I shoshed all over his car and ruined his new paint job. >:)
by the Zad November 27, 2004
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to be precise, "jeesh" means "pee" in farsi (aka Persian)

for piss, look up shosh
I really have to go jeesh right now as I am writing this and it says I need 20 letters so here you go.
by the Zad November 27, 2004
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Contraction of huge/humungous and enormous
Wicked big
Remember the first scene of Star Wars: A New Hope? That Star Destroyer was ginormous, cajunga...hunormous even!
by the Zad December 02, 2004
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