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Very strong alcoholic beverage of china.
He drank a bottle of maotai and blacked out.
by The Wok April 14, 2008

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A hybrid of Chinese and Russian. Favourite beverages of Minskis include Russian vodka and Maotai drink.
A Russian women and Chinese man did it all night long and 9 month later, a Minski popped out.
by The Wok April 14, 2008

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Otaku is a person (typically male) who has absolutely no social life. Thus an otaku may sits around playing World of Warcraft, trading Dungeons and Dragons cards, watching Japanese animations, and jerking off while relishing pornographic material when he is alone. An otaku will be proud of, and will boast about his mighty forearm that developed over the many years of "over-masturbation".
Whilst leading a life of this sort, an Otaku will complain that no girls are willing to give him pussy.
WHYYYYY?????????????? Strange isn't it?
"Fuck, that otaku left cum stains on my sailor moon comic book!!"

"That guy's such an otaku. He plays WoW all day long and goes for a wank before sleeping."
by The Wok April 13, 2008

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Cancer of the dick.
Development is due to too much masterbation while watching hentai.
Involves several pros and cons.

Your dick gets bigger due to uncontrolled growth of the dick cells, (And bitches love big dicks).
You don't have to worry about being raped by a fat Maori whore because it's contageous.

Your dick won't look like a dick no more, (although it gets bigger).
Your dick will fall off after few years of cancer development, and a dickless man will die.

"Fuck that guy has dick cancer!"

"Shame, that fat Maori bitch caught my dick cancer."

"Man, stop watching hentai. You gonna get the bad case of dick cancer."
by The Wok April 20, 2008

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An extinct race of native people that used to live in New Zealand.
The cause of their extinction was the arrival of the Maori. As soon as the Maori landed in NZ, their ferocious appetite for native speicies wiped out firstly, the moas (peaceful 3 metre tall native flightless birds).
Then the kiwis (another native flightless bird) neared extinction until the dormant cannibalism of the Maori kicked in.
The Maori realsied that Moriori were a far better game than the small meatless kiwi, so the Maori hunted down the Moriori, fed upon thir internal and sexual organs to grow bigger, stronger and blacker.
The poor Moriori were forced to flee their homeland to a remote island of Chattam.
This day, the Moriori cease to exist, but only in myths they are spoken of.
Moriori were eaten by the smelly Maori

The Maori maoried the Moriori man's penis and cooked it in the hangi

Fish n Chips are now the repacement of Moriori for the Maori
by The Wok April 09, 2008

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