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Wearing two different shoes at the same time.

Wearing one shoe of a different brand/style/color on one foot and one of a completely different brand/style/color on the other foot.

Wearing two shoes that do not match
Today I wore my Reebok Pump with my red Air Force One.

"Hey Jim!"
"Hey Bob. I see your schwerpin today."
"Of course Jim. I schwerp all day. It's all I do."
"I sure do love wearing two different types of shoe Bob."
"It's the coolest thing in fashion since fur!"
by The Schwerper February 24, 2008

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To wear two different shoes at the same time.
I schwerp by wearing one Adidas on my left foot and one Nike on the right foot.
by The Schwerper February 25, 2008

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picking up your next sexual partner off of instagram; not limited to DM
Damn lexy is fine as hell.

Yeah she is, hit her with a DM last week, now she's my new gram slam.
by The Schwerper May 04, 2017

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The act of willingly infecting your friend with an illness because they made fun of you for being sick.
Chris: "Stop being such a little bitch and go out. I remember my first cold."

Mark: "We'll see how much of a bitch I am once I infect you. I'll wait til you're wasted and share a drink with you."

Chris: "That sounds rapey."

Mark: "It is, it's flu rape."
by The Schwerper December 22, 2017

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