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You don't fuck with the Juggernaut because he's the Juggernaut Bitch!
*Juggernaut busts through the door*

I'm The Juggernaut Bitch!
by The Real Jink June 05, 2006

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A Backpacker has NOTHING to do with an over obsessive love for the Hip-Hop label Definitive Jux nor are they in any way associated with Hipsters. A Backpacker is just a person who think Rap and Hip-Hop are two different genres. Thinking Rap is about self indulgent wanna be gangstas with a need to show of their shopping list and contribute nothing to the music industry but their idiotic "thug life" ideals. They put all forms of support into Hip-Hop and just love good music in general.

They also love all/participate in all/most sub-cultures of Hip-Hop including the main five elements: Emceeing, DeeJaying (Turntabilism), Graffiti, B-Boying (Breakdancing), and Beatboxing.

And a Backpacker has nothing to do with a persons skin color. Its ignorance like that that belittles the social advances of the last 30 years. Stop listening to your racist redneck father.
Hip-Hop head conscious of the corrupt Rap world = Backpacker

by The Real Jink April 01, 2006

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The member of your family that is most likley to come into your bedroom in the middle of the night and show you his penis.
Uncle Bob: Hey Jimmy wake up.
Jimmy: What is it Uncle Bob?
Uncle Bob: I got a present for you, but it's in my pants. You have to fish it out.
by The Real Jink July 11, 2006

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A term that refers to when a guy tucks his dick in his ass and it becomes a tootsie (roll)
My dick smells from always doing the tootsie
by The Real Jink April 19, 2006

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