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This is a phrase that the Ying Yang Twins widely use. They usually yell it, so it's more like, "HHHHAAAAAHHHHNNN!!!!" It is amazing.
King: The Ying Yang Twins are so crunk.
Everyone else in the car: HHHHHAAAAAAAHHHNNN!!
by The Pirate January 21, 2005
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This is the combination of a donkey punch and a snowmobile. While the guy is ravaging the chick from behind (the chick is on all fours), he gives her a donkey punch. Right when she recieves the punch, the man uses his other arm to sweep the chick's arms out from underneath her in one smooth move. Then, much to her dismay, she falls.
While Joel was ravaging his new woman from behind, he pulled out his best move ever: the donkey mobile. This ensured that she was very confused, and it made him a proud man.
by The Pirate August 31, 2004
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Bend a girl over a desk and fuck her in the ass. Then take your dick out and fuck her in the pussy while she shits from a stretched open ass hole. Then spread her ass cheeks, cum in her asshole, then turn her over and shit in her mouth.
...and then i bent her over and gave her a blitzkrieg right on Sister Hill's desk.
by The Pirate January 06, 2005
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