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A very ignorant person who tends to stab people approximately 37 times in the chest
Guy 1: I think that guys crazy
Guy2: Yeah, he's such a carl
by The llama November 11, 2012
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Retro slang for vagina
Jen's spaghetti house tasted more like clam sauce than it did al fresca.
by The LLama June 11, 2013
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The practice of men going places they're too old for with the intentions of hooking up with the youngest girls possible allowable by law.
Hey man, wanna throw on our class of '99 jackets and go tart snagging at the homecoming game?
by The LLama June 11, 2013
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A shitty place where if you eat you'll die... or worse...
"dude that place is so swanns pantry"
by The Llama October 11, 2007
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