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Very good weed usually at a mids price. A golden find of a deal/dealer. Sometimes can be just regular weed that doesn't involve a nasty surprise later on, such as: extreme stupidity, random sleep, headaches, or wicked stomach pain
That rasta shasta monasta you got last night made me start seeing shit bro!
by The Kaiser of Shiza June 20, 2007

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when one hits that point where they're fried out of their mind stoned, sometimes this can be good or very bad, such as when a person of your little green party becomes a heatbag. 2 examples will show the difference
Good!: "Dude, is it raining?" Gnome A
"No bro, but there goes a goat" Gnome B

Bad: The noob was so rasta shasta monasta fritasta'd after one joint that he began to hurl and was never invited to smoke again.
by The Kaiser of Shiza June 20, 2007

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Usually a large group of stoners who are almost a large society on their own and unified by their friendship, not moochness.

To be leader of said society is a bad thing only brought on by unencouragable acts such as: dropping the weed in its many forms, a joint, a pipe, a bong even (its happened before), or losing the weed period, sometimes it is excusable, such as a pothole contributed towards this act or the person next to you elbowed you pretty hard in the ribs, sometimes it can be alrite when the smoking device overheats and/or is cashed, on the other hand someone burning their hand because they were holding the utensil wrong after being given a proper instructional on the instrument or being experienced with said tool is inexcusable in any manner.

Remember, this was invented for fun and mostly for shits and giggles to keep people from fucking up and learning what their doing before trying to act pro and just wasting weed.
A: The Gnome Patrol was initially created by a group of friends in Buford, Georgia after a hallcuinating member saw a gnome run through a nearby yard
by The Kaiser of Shiza June 20, 2007

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