A land dwelling creature native to Towson University. Characterized by wearing oversized sports coats, spiked hair and "bling" to compensate for his unusually disfigured penis.

The Gnome's penis typically ranges anywhere 3-5 mm (when erect) and boats a single 4 inch long pubic hair stemming directly from the tip of the penis, used to attract potential mates. Not to be confused with his alter ago
"Doc Smokey"

Beware of the Gnome's unstable demeanor that may or may not elicit the following reactions:

1. Carrying around a full bottle of liqour pretending to get drunk.
2. Vicsious ankle biting
3. Lying about hooking up with girls
4. "Creeping" out girls
5. Soliciting sex from underage boys
6. Driving his parents Honda CRX when drunk
7. Perpetual virginity
John: What do you get when you mix Sean Wolf, a Midget, and a Honda CRX?

Seth: A small statured jewish virgin with a "sweet" ride

John: Nope... you get the Gnome
by Shorty Shitstain April 17, 2007
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