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when a man is having sex with one woman, performing cunnilingus on another, and fingering two other women with each hand.
dude, have you ever had a sex diamond? it's totally epic!
by the human thesaurus April 20, 2011

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1. having an extended dry spell, which could bring back a virgin status

2. a virgin who is in a situation that could be fixed if they were not a virgin
1. "Bob has had no sex in a year. This is a virgincy."

2. the 40 year old virgin
by the human thesaurus December 16, 2010

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the emoticon for giving a middle finger
in a text message "mlq, fuck you Jerry!"
by the human thesaurus December 16, 2010

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Even though "gay" has been used for homosexual tendencies, as time changes so do the meanings of some words i.e. "gay" first joy or happiness, then homosexual, now this sucks

gay - adjective - something that is unfortunate for someone
" That movie was gay, I'll talk to the manager about getting my money back."

"The people who say this definition is gay are probably right, because it is a point of rebuttal."
by The Human Thesaurus April 06, 2010

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