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Lebron James's mother and Delonte West's milf
Lebron: I'm taking my talents to South Beach with Dwyane Wade.
Delonte: I'm taking mine to Boston with Gloria James.
Lebron: What?
Delonte: I'm taking that bitch back like your hairline.
by The How August 24, 2011

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The bomb threat capital of the world. Located in Lakeland, FL
Guy 1: Can you believe Florida State had a bomb theat?
Guy 2: It must've been a Lake Gibson High School graduate.
by The How July 14, 2011

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Exercise machine that doesn't work, but makes a great sex chair, especially with the girl on top. The farther he bends, the deeper it goes.
Me and my girl did it on the ab lounge last night
by The How April 25, 2012

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In order to quiet her baby, the mother gave it a mouthful of her organic pacifiers
by The How October 24, 2011

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