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1) A drunken mis-spelling of the word "hot"
2) Extreme hotness of a vaguely homosexual nature
3) What Braden is
1) "It was cool braden coame over. Yeahg. I like him, his so cool.
And he is hort... Are you lyimng? SAve this convosation"
2) Braden is hort.
3) Braden is hort.
by The Editor March 24, 2004
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Title of up-and-coming student newspaper from Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley. It exists to serve three noble purposes:
1) To pump out gossip and propaganda
2) To advocate procrastination
3) To rip off students
"Yo, dude, have you got this issue of The Procrastinator?
by The Editor January 16, 2005
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1) to masturbate while thinking of hort people
1) Fanny was yurking it, literally.
by The Editor March 25, 2004
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(intrans. v.) To angrily tear apart in a review
"If that appetizer knows what's good for it, it'll get on its knees and pray for mercy from sweet baby Jesus, because I went John Wayne Gacy on that shit." Source: The Onion
by The Editor September 07, 2005
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