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The process of removing the stalk and / or leaves from a vegetable or fruit, where the said parts are removed intact from the centre of the item. E.g. the removal of the stalk and leaves from strawberries or stalk from mushrooms.
Oy, Dad - go and deflangivate the strawberries will ya?

Arrrgggggh but muuuuum I was definitely on deflangivation duties yesterday, isn't it Katy's turn?

Dude I like so totally just deflangivated those mushrooms whilst hopsalaufing round the kitchen.

I well hate sprouts, 'peeling' is like well boooooring. Let's go get some blackberries to deflangivate.
by The Deflangivator February 13, 2010

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A society founded in 1959 to provide a safe haven for those with a keen interest in
deflangivating (the process of removing the leaves and stalk from a plant) to share
their experiences and socialise with like minded folk.
Person 1: I met the owner of Microsoft last night. I am waaaaaay cool.

Person 2: Dude, you loooooooose - the owner of the Deflangivation Society is my DAD.

Person 1: Woooooah, no way?

Person 2: Way. Now lick my shoes.
by The Deflangivator February 15, 2010

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