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the crunkest middle school in boulder county. located in lafayette colorado, some of the hoodest motherfuckers in the west go here. mostly run by the mexican branch of the cryps, Sur 13. a rival gang Norte, based outta broomfield, stabbed a angevine student on campus in december of '05 in reaction to a shoot out in which 7 nortenos (members of the norte) were seriously injured. The current principal is Isobel Stevenson and the Asst Principals are Ana Mendoza and Kris Whitcomb. The football team is one of the best in its conference ,having only one losing season in the school's 14 year history. The high school into which AMS is supposed to feed is Centaurus High School. AMS has approx 600 students. about half are hispanic. the majority of the drugs dealt at AMS are from the rich white emo kids who get fucked up by the mexichinos, and get their hash jacked. almost no one gets out with their virginity, and an average of 5 girls drops out by eigth grade due to a pregnancy. And the high schol grad rate of former AMS students is around 40%. in my opinion, academics aside, AMS was the best 3 years of my life.
Try wearing red to angevine middle school ,see what happens.
by The Bohemian Rhapper November 02, 2006

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