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A mysterious creature with a database of pervertism and crazy stuff. Is usually found in the company of his bf(best faggot) nick mamo. Jacque Marliin is usually found in his habitat of guitars and rock music and is one of the few people that still uses facebook as it is meant to be used; i.e. annoying people and getting arrested.
Jacque Marliin: "Whazzup FAGGOT"

Other people: "Hey jacque"

Jacque Marliin : *rapes the person"
by The Anonymous Stalker November 02, 2013

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A.K.A The doiioh. Born from Russian communist origins, is one of the few still unclassified species, although experts are still deciding the gender since his sexual orientations have been very ambiguous.

I constantly attracted by misfortune and luck seems to hate him since if something unlucky has to happen, it must be Andrew.

Is a great model student at school and particularly excels in French, Maths and is loved by teachers, especially Geography.
Andrew Muscat: "Sir, I forgot my hw"
Teacher: "To the dungeons!"

Friends: "Guys lets go to the cinema"
Andrew Muscat : "Sorry, today I have to test some new missiles for my mother."
by The Anonymous Stalker November 02, 2013

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