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Pronounced Bl-uh-ck' -the ck' sounds guteral, and drops off softly.

A feeling in the stomach; of discomfort, such as gassy, discomfortable, icky. A feeling often associated with post-swimming gas induced by chlorine ingestion, or occasionally too much southern comfort or other gas inducing alcoholic drinks.
-After swimming Puato Bandito felt very bluch, and he believed it was probably pee poisoning.

Oh man that vodka made me feel bluch. I don't think I can drink anymore, gimme a rum.
by The Urban Myth August 31, 2008

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Edumacate; An uneducated way people, including Redneck's, Hill-Billy's and Feral people use in place of the word Education to sound smarter than they may be.

Contexts; Edumacation, Edumacated, Edumacates
Upon Mary-Sue's return from elementary school on her 33'rd Birthday exclaims without moderation "1 and 1 is 11...I've dun bin Edumacated, aint dat sumpin, Jim-Bob?"
by The Urban Myth September 05, 2008

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