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Verb,a colloquial term literally meaning "Group spooning" The act of spooning with 4 or more people (as 2 is spooning, and 3 is throoning).

It is commonly thought that the term is derived from Nordic, to describe the Viking long boaters sleeping arrangements as they huddled for warmth, escaping from reach of the North Sea's clutches of bitter cold at night.

On the contrary, other's believe that "grooning" was first brought to popular attention by Henry VIII, where in his final days he called for all of his past wives to be dug up from their graves or called up to the palace so he could have one last embrace and waller in the success of his marital achievements.
"Hey baby, how about you, me, your friend, your sister, your mother and my uncle here go back to mine, i've got an urge for some serious grooning"
by The Throonmeister December 29, 2009

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