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Robert's cycle is the proven theory that high school girls are stupid whores. It is a perpetual cycle that forces adult males to date teenage girls, leaving teenage boys without dates. As teenage girls are amazed with the concept of dating an older and "mature" male, they think no further and allow themselves to whore their nubile bodies. The result of this leads to the lack of dates for high school boys. The girl's argument is usually that teenage boys are too immature and that they need a "man." First of all, one must take into consideration the facts that counter this argument. In high school, puberty is in its middle stages and hormones are simply making teenagers horny and immature. Plus, one cannot blame a teenage boy to be attracted to his female peers. It's only natural that people in the same age group would be attracted to one another. Teenage girls however, strive for the attention of an older male, presumably in his mid to late 20's. This whole concept of the older male being "mature" is ridiculous. The fact that an adult male is considering having sexual relations with an underage female completely destroys the original argument (that older males are mature). Not only is this illegal, but one could easily speculate that an adult male is a loser because he cannot get any dates in his age group, and resorts into having a 14 year old girlfriend. As a result of this, teenage boys will have to endure their high school career without any girlfriends. This will follow them until they reach the age of 25, where they can finally get a date with a high school girl. By this time, the cycle is complete and repeats once again.
Teenage Boy 1: Man, Katie is really cute. I think I'm going to ask her out.

Teenage Boy 2: I heard she has a 27 year old boyfriend. What a whore.

Teenage Boy 1: Aw man. Stupid slut. Another dumb girl taking part in Robert's cycle. I'll never get a date in high school.

Teenage Boy 2: Well, at least in 13 years we can get a girl our that's our age.

Teenage Boy 1: Hey how old is your sister again?

Teenage Boy 2: Uh, 4?

Teenage Boy 1: Sweet. You know, 13 years isn't that long.

Teenage Boy 2: wat
by The Moustached Dentist May 23, 2008

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