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A drairy is a super sparkly silly bouncy nefarious Hott Dragon that is part dark Fae, who is sometimes mistaken as a Neon Glow Monster. Her past times include Fragoning around with Finna, F.A.Y.G.O sipping with friends, or drinking Harrow Desolation Mead, while decorating the Drairy Den at Renaissance Festivals or Gatherings. She was discovered in the realm of Tartarus, and can now be found #hangingwiththeharrow, dancing through the pages of @authortreaskloth novels: The Harrow Series book – Salvation, singing songs with @FinnatheFragon, juggling roles as @thejillovalltrades or Drairying with @Theharrowvikings, if you really want to know #whosadrairy be her friend on social media or seek her out at a Festival!
She's late! Where is she? She's probably Drairying around! I know how we can find her, by the smell of her Neon Glow, she's probably hanging with the Harrow Vikings!
by The Harrow Vikings October 28, 2018

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A fragon is an exuberant energetic shimmery DREADful, dark fae that is part dragon, who is a member of The Harrow Vikings, and plagues them with her silly songs and endless glitter! Her favorite pastimes include trading and braiding with @thejillovalltradez, and drinking Harrow Salvation Mead while naming her eggys, and attending Gatherings. She can be found in the land of Feary, rambling at various Renaissance Festivals, #hangingwiththeharrow, playing amongst the pages of the Immortal MacKinnon series -Aryana, rollin’ with her h.o.m.i.e.s, dancing with the Drairy, Fragoning around with @theharrowvikings, or she can be sought out @finnathefragon, or in the pages of other books by @authortreasakloth. If you really want to know #whatsafragon come find her through the side entrance of a festival or friend her on social media!
We could go to the Mead Hall, or, it so busy -Fragon that! We can go hang with the Harrow instead!
by The Harrow Vikings October 28, 2018

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