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Usually employed in the realm of B Movies, Day for Night refers to the act of closing the curtains in a home or finding a decently dark area outside, filming there and pretending it’s night and then in post throwing a blue filter over the scene, lowering the brightness and contrast to make it look like “Night.”
In the movie “The Last Vampire on Earth” Vitalie Versatchi uses Day for Night in a scene with the Vampire.
by The Angry Pissedoff Gamer August 26, 2020
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A meme of a very odd fellow standing outside the white house (or the “city hall” as told in lore.)

Seeing a Thumbus is said to bring good luck and several copies of the 2008 animated film “Robots” on DVD.

The Thumbus meme is beloved by millions but is hated by Gregbus fans who claim the Thumbus meme ripped off their cool original meme. Never meantion Thumbus memes to a Greg Head; its kind of like football teams in the UK.

The meme is also associated with the song “Peanutman” by Tim Buckley.
“Funny Thumbus meme todd; post that to twitter and get upvoted bro! Just don’t post any Gregbus.”
by The Angry Pissedoff Gamer April 10, 2022
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When a very serious pop culture villain, (or evil historical figure) Becomes whacky and silly in a comedy movie. Similar to the “Fish Out of Watertrope but for horrible people.
Mike Stolklassa (In reference to the movie “Bill and Ted” in their re:View episode): “Or you got Napoleon at a Water Park or eating a big thing of ice cream. It’s funny because it’s Napoleon.”

The entirety of the “popular” internet show from 1919 “Chad Vader” is also a very good example of this and is where the term Chad Vader Syndrome comes from.
by The Angry Pissedoff Gamer August 26, 2020
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This refers to a tactic that B movies employ to fill out the run time. This can refer to stock footage that was purchased or stock footage that was filmed at a public event.
Human 1: “Did you see that shitty movie Twister’s Revenge?”

Human 2: “Isn’t that the one where they Shoot the Rodeo right in the middle?”

Human 1: “Haha, yeah. Comes right out no where too.”

In the documentary “Faces of Death” they don’t “Shoot the Rodeo” but use plenty of stock footage to pad out the time and have something visual on screen at all times.
by The Angry Pissedoff Gamer August 26, 2020
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