1 definition by ThawahCawwey

The social, legal, or institutional discrimination against individuals who are mentally ill/neurodivergent, or who may be considered "not sane" by society's standards. This can often cross over into ableism.

The term sanism was originally coined by Morton Birnbaum.

Some oppressive terms that reinforce sanist stereotypes: crazy, insane, psycho, retarded, dumb, mad house, mental case; misuse of medical terms such as OCD, bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, etc.
Jesse: I can't attend college in person due to my social anxiety and depression, so I take my courses online.
May: That's ridiculous. Everyone dislikes going to school. Just suck it up.
Jesse: That's sanism.
by ThawahCawwey February 17, 2016