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Fucking: ( ie. doggy-style) A fat whore decides to lie on top of you but you don't mind because its the only action your ever gonna get

(ie. doggy-style)

Faggot: 1st. a large piece of shit

2nd. a large gay piece of shit or commonly known as a bundle of sticks
Combined: 1st. A large worthless gay piece of shit (ie. Donald Trump)

2nd. Donald Trump is a "fucking faggot"
Jack: Hey.
Greg: Waź (whats) good?
Jack: Fuck u (you), Greg.
Greg: Haha, fuck you, Jack.
Jack: Go fuck off u (you) thick beast.
Greg: Haha, hey at least I didn't masturbate in the McDonald's toilet when Ronald Mcdonald pulled down his sweety pants. haha!
Jack: Fuck!
Greg: Let's jack (masturbate) each other off in that corner. How bout/about that
Jack: Haha u (you) gay cunt, that's pretty funny.
Greg: It wasn't a joke.
Jack: What the fuck bro (brother) u (you) serious?
Greg: Yeah, can I suck your big juicy cock

Jack: Fuck off, you child rapist, FUCKING FAGGOT, u (you) cock sucker!

Jack: Stop getting horny over 6-year-old boys!
Greg: Licking his lips, grasping his wet chode (small penis) No homo cunts.

Jack: Move those thick ass (butt) logs u (you) call legs out of my face or I might have to use my 6inch dildo on u (you).
Greg: Fuck u (you). Go suck my large irregular shaped Chode (small penis) for brunch ( in between breakfast and lunch).
Jack: cunt u (you) just admitted ur (your) fat ass (butt) had a chode (small penis)
by That_Gay_Cunt October 25, 2017
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