3 definitions by ThatPhillyBoi

It's another option of saying that a person is trippin fooling or acting stupid to be said in a playful manner. (If it makes it then let it be known that it originated in Philly, PA)
yo u skitsin or me and kev was up in the club when kev started skitsin over that new lil jon.
by ThatPhillyBoi October 29, 2004
(another goody from Philly, PA)It's a synonym to skitssin and trippin it just rolls off of tongue so easily. Is mostly to be said about someone but not to the person being talked about.
yo john be foolin or that boy be foolin
by ThatPhillyBoi October 29, 2004
A chick with 10 body but more like -8 face.
It's exactly how it sounds just put this in front of it. "Everything looks good on her buttahead."
by ThatPhillyBoi October 29, 2004