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A cool rock band from the '60s. Their music kind of went downhill in the mid-seventies, but they're still a great live band. Check 'em out if you can.
The Rolling Stones are good, but the Beatles are better.
by That Other Girl July 28, 2005

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I-M-D-B stand for Intenet Movie Database

I-M-D-B also spells addictive.
I could spend hours on IMDB and in fact... I have!
by That Other Girl January 04, 2007

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A pop group from the seventies characterized by their incredibly catchy songs and cliched but loveable lyrics. Consists of four members. The men wrote the songs and produced, while the girls sang the songs. Anna-Frid was the truly talented one, but Aganetha got to sing most of the songs because she had sex appeal.
What's your favorite ABBA song? Mine is probably "The Winner Takes It All" or "If It Wasn't For The Nights".
by That Other Girl June 23, 2006

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An amazing woman who has made many achivements in the world of music and politics. She has the most beautiful voice in all of recorded music, and possibly the world. She dated Bob Dylan for a brief period in time, but let's face it people, they're not getting back together anytime soon. Who cares, Joan doesn't need him anyways!
1. "Hey everyone, I'm going to see Joan Baez in concert!"
"Oh my gosh, she rules. Can I come too? Pleeeeease?"

Joan Baez is nothing but sweet, kind, and pleasant to her fans.
by That Other Girl June 23, 2006

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1) Someone who does not believe in a god or any gods.

2) Someone who thinks they're better than those who are religious.
1) Religious person: I'm Christian.

Good Atheist: That's cool, I'm athiest.

2) Religious person: I'm Christian.

Bad Athiest: OMGZ!!! All Christians are such hypocrites!! they discriminate and generalize and think they're better than everyone else! I hate all the stupid Christians!

Religious person: Hey, dumbass, do you realize you just did the exact thing you just accused Christians of doing? You're the fucking hypocrite here, not us.

Bad Atheist: Uh... er... um... stop being smarter than me!
by That Other Girl July 28, 2005

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A once great song by Don McLean, which has been ruined with association by that awful teen sex romp movie. Stupid people who only know about the movie should be killed.
The song is about the untimely death of Buddy Holly. It is very interesting, and has many references to rock and roll heroes, such as the Beatles and Bob Dylan.
Stupid person: "Dude I love American Pie!"

Smart person: "Me too! *sings* Bye bye Miss American Pie..."

Stupid person: "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Smart person: "Uh... the song, by Don McLean. That's what we were talking about, right?"

Stupid person: "LOLZ U R SUCH A GAY FAG! I wuz tockin about da movie!"

Smart person: "See ya."
by That Other Girl July 28, 2005

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A manufactured punk-rock group from the '70s. Even though they were Malcom McLaren's puppets, even though they couldn't play their instruments, even though Sid probably DID kill Nancy, I still love them.
And y'know, they were just as manufactured as Avril Lavigne is. "God Save The Queen" is as catchy as "Sk8er Boi", though "God Save the Queen" pissed off a lot more people.
The Sex Pistols are a good group, but the Ramones and the Clash are real punk.
by That Other Girl November 26, 2006

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