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Term often used as a smokescreen to suppress any legitimate discourse on the state of race relations in the United States or to deny the existence of racism in some form.
A reporter was accused of being a race baiter for suggesting that some, not all, of the criticism of President Obama is motivated in racism.
by That Guy on That Show April 02, 2013

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Term first used by YouTube user Onision when voicing his frustration with his viewers who called him a rape apologist when he made remarks like, "It's not rape if the woman is intoxicated" and "It's not rape if the couple is married" and attempted to fall back on the many instances where he said flat out that rape is wrong. Apparently, he's one of those internet users who thinks he's never wrong and doesn't tolerate the slightest constructive criticism. So anybody who dares to offer constructive criticism is trolling him.
"Daaaaaamn!!! F***ing ninja trolling. F***ing ninja trolling dude! Kicking Onision's ass with ignorance, yo!"
by That Guy on That Show August 06, 2014

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What motivates people who dislike a popular TV show, movie, musical artist, TV or movie actor, etc. to go on the internet and voice their dislike. You'd think it would be as simple as "watch something else on TV", "don't see that movie", "don't listen to their music", "don't watch movies and TV shows that actor is in". Instead, some people have to use their dislike to feel superior to those who have completely different tastes.
Instead of changing the channel, some people keep watching a new TV show so they can express their righteous indignation before an internet community of people who do enjoy the new TV show.
by That Guy on That Show May 05, 2014

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A life-line for racists who don't approve of societal integration, especially in what has historically remained white-people sports in recent decades (i.e. hockey, gymnastics).
"Affirmative action is why the (insert ice hockey team name) has a black player."
"Did he make the team over a more qualified white player?"
"Uh...uh... not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case."
by That Guy on That Show August 23, 2013

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