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A wife you don't know why you or a friend married.

A female spouse that befuddles people to why you married them.
I can't believe Bob and his whyfe got married. They have nothing in common.
by Th3KangolKid, Sass January 12, 2014
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Using a food item as a utensil outside of its intended edible use.
Example: Using a Twizzler as a straw to drink, using a chip as a napkin or spoon, a coconut as a bra or a halved fruit as a bowl, etc.
Sentence: In lieu of a bowl, John used a halved coconut as a foodtensil to hold his ice cream.
Using a twizzler as a straw for your drink in using a foodtensil.
by Th3KangolKid, Sass December 22, 2013
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