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a mental institution or place for emotional re-stabilization/rehabilitation
I was tagging tina until I found out she was fresh out of the tard hatch; scared the shit out of me so i quietly faded away into the night.
by Texas Muck Savage November 23, 2010

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The act of engaging in any illegal, immoral or indecent behavior in a closet or wardrobe. Most often used to describe reckless, impetuous, often drunken and unprotected sexual intercourse in any area with extrememly restrictive/limited space or a configuration not conducive to carnal activity.
You missed it last night Jimbo - it was kickin' off in Narnia! I had Jeana bent over in her mom's fuckin' broom closet. If she's walking normal today, it will be a miracle.
by Texas Muck Savage October 16, 2011

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The single most commonly used language on the planet. It combines estrogenical whining, bitching, nagging, emasculating and abusive words, inflections and tones, and is most often used by menstruating women, but can also be heard being utterered by gender-confused males.
Johnny - man Jimbo, me and the girlfriend celebrated our 2 month 1st date anniversary by eating chocolate covered cherries and popcorn, while draped in Snuggies and watching the Vampire Diaries on DVD.

Jimbo - dude, I didn't hear a word you just said. Either stop talking Vaginese or never speak to me again.
by Texas Muck Savage October 28, 2011

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To be sexually and violently raped in an area with no means for post anal assault clean-up or even a dark secluded corner in which to curl up into a post-rape fetal position and sob peacefully alone. Most often occurring in prison recreation yards, but can also occur in the free world, i.e. parking garages, baseball diamonds, 50 yard lines, etc.
Jimbo: Man did you see Jenny this morning? I heard she got rec yard raped last night in Tina's back yard after the party.

Jax: Yep. I saw her this morning looking like she had been cervically scraped by a mob of angry baboons...damn shame.
by Texas Muck Savage February 12, 2013

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Facebook's news feed feature.
Timmy - "Yo Jimbo! Did you notice how many chicks were diggin' my new profile pic?"

Jimbo - "Hell no! I don't even look at that troll scroll, and I damn sure don't want to see what Godless ratchet whores are viewing your jacked up pics!"
by Texas Muck Savage July 06, 2013

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