2 definitions by Texas Four

A day observed on the third Saturday of each November, set aside for the sole purpose of chilling.

Chill Day consists of sitting around, watching tv, eating, listening to music, sleeping, and doing whatever it is you do to chill.

It was invented by three college students at the University of Texas who wanted a day to themselves to do absolutely nothing and accomplish nothing but chilling. It is set on the third Saturday of November for the purpose of relaxing before eating a lot on Thanksgiving, preparing for the hectic holiday season, and clearing your mind in the wake of upcoming college finals.
Man I'm so pumped for Chill Day this weekend, the last couple weeks have been crazy busy and I need a day to just chill.

Bro 1- "Hey man you coming over for Chill Day this weekend?"

Bro 2- "Of course, you know it! I wouldn't miss Chill Day for the world. I need the relaxation with finals coming up."
by Texas Four November 20, 2010
The nervous shake one gets when pushing out a massive turd after a big meal.

The turd the size of a turkey leg. Large at one end and small at the other.
I had a nervy turd the day after Thanksgiving.

Boy after that buffet I had to take a nervy turd.
by Texas Four November 29, 2010