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A Bitch in Training (BIT) is a young girl studying duly under her mother or some other female authority figure on the art of being a bitch. BIT's are often seen in the supermarket blabbing orders to their younger siblings. At a slightly older age, BIT's can be seen at Abercrombie and Fitch or The Gap learning how to spend their future husband's money. You've all seem them. Mere months is all that separates the ripe BIT from full on bitchery. It's like an apprenticeship -- a bitch apprenticeship.
Man, what's up with your little sis? She's only 11 and she's got a whole new ensemble from The Limited??

Dude, I know. She's a total Bitch in Training.

by Teve Torbes November 13, 2007

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Jack Off, then Sleep for 30 minutes. Hence J-S-30. For some, this is the ultimate form of refreshment.
Dude I was beat after that BioSci exam, but I went back to my room and pulled a JS30. Now I feel like a million bucks!
by Teve Torbes September 21, 2007

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Gerbilizing is the act of inserting a gerbil into one's rectum for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

Proper Gerbilizing requires assembling the following paraphenalia:

- A Healthy Gerbil
- Duct Tape
- String
- A Lead Pipe

One begins gerbilizing by first wrapping the animal's claws with duct tape so that the target anus and rectum will not be ruptured during the act. One then proceeds to lubricate the anus and the exterior surface of a small lead pipe. One then inserts the pipe into the target rectrum. The pipe must be inserted to a sufficient distance for the gerbil to fully enter the rectum. Finally, a string is tied around the gerbil's midsection and the rodent is run up the pipe into the target rectum. The pipe is then removed leaving the gerbil embedded in the target rectum with only the string protruding. At this point, the gerbil will squirm and convulse inside the rectum providing the target with intense rectal stimulation. Once the gerbil is exhausted or anal orgasm is achieved, the gerbil is removed by tugging gently on the protruding string.

It is widely held that actor Richard Gere partakes in the act of Gerbilizing.
-Man, I heard a couple of gerbils disappeared from the science lab last week.

--Dude, I just saw Benny lifting a pipe from that new house they're building on 52nd. You don't think..

-Christ, he's at the Gerbilizing again. I thought his last trip to the ER scared him straight.

by Teve Torbes March 07, 2008

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Client Number Ten refers specifically to the unknown dope who rented Ashley Dupre right after Eliot Spitzer governated her in the name of the Great State of New York. In more common parlance, the term has come to refer to anyone getting another's sloppy seconds.
-Dude, I heard Henry's been hooking up with Valerie. I thought Tom was banging her.

--Dude, Henry cleans everyone's plate. Even his family calls him Client Number Ten.

-Shameless, that man.

by Teve Torbes March 19, 2008

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To jack off (J) and then sleep (S) for 30 minutes (30). Hence JS30. This is the ultimate relaxation combo.
Dude I was beat after my 8am so I went back to my room and pulled a JS30 before my lab. Damn was that refreshing!
by Teve Torbes September 29, 2007

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In the United States, Community Colleges are often referred to as Roach Motels. They are so called because people who begin attending Community Colleges rarely finsh. Rather, the tendency is for the students to just keep on taking one random course after another for 8-12 years without ever attaining a degree or advancing to a full college. Hence the students never really leave. That is to say, they check in, but they don't check out, as per the old TV ad.

What the English call Townies are the head Roaches of our Roach Motels.
-Man, is Bill still going to Virginia Western?

--Dude, he's been at that Roach Motel since the Eighties. He's banged a lot of thirty-five year old single mother gash but still no degree.

-Oh well, at least they have ash trays there.

by Teve Torbes March 13, 2008

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Tonehoffing is the art of stealthily replacing an unsuspecting friend's ring tone with an embarrassing song. Basically, it's Hasselhoffing but applied to a phone.
Dude, at the Save The World charity dinner last night, I took tonehoffing to a whole new level. Replaced Bill Gates's ring tone with that gay ass song from the Apple commercial. Steve Jobs crapped his pants it was so damn funny.
by Teve Torbes July 10, 2008

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