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A meme commonly used by Warren Ellis. Assumed to refer to a a counterculture near-human creature commonly mistaken for a simian.

It is not know what the filthy monkey plans, but one can safely assume it can't be good. Used in situations where conniving is warranted.
"Are you planning to seduce that innocent little freshman tomorrow?"
"Maybe yes, maybe no. The filthy monkey, it plans."
by terse July 27, 2007

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Occurs because of two main reasons:
1: An intense Team Deathmatch is going down causing your pits to become wet and soggy.
2: That camping noob has pissed you off to the point your rage has heated your body and caused you to perspire.
After 3 hours of "intense battle"

Gamer 1: Ah man, that was close. Can't believe we won it.

Gamer 2: Yeah. All right I think I'm gonna get off Live for a while. *stands up and looks at his arm pits*

Oh shit dude, I got some real Gamer's sweat!

Gamer 1: Yeah, me too.
by Terse November 10, 2012

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The feeling you get when you click on the xxx ad, and it takes your cheap ass to a screen asking for your credit card number.
Guy 1: Man, I was on the Internet last night looking up some really hot porn, but right before it let me in, it said I had to buy a membership.

Guy 2: Must have been a real disaporntment.
by Terse November 10, 2012

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