2 definitions by TerrifiedDad42

You know when you just want to catch everything in sight on fire? Or fist fight people with no warning hoping multiple people try to stop you so you can fight them too? Or steal some rich old white guy's third car so you can test it out in a police chase in the middle of the night? Or maybe paint yourself in the blood of a non-descript animal and just walk around in public with a huge smile being way too friendly and close to others for somebody obviously covered in any blood whatsoever? But you think about it and don't even though you have no respect for society's comfort? Yeah. That's the ticket.
I don't care enough to demonstrate self-restraint. I'm in more of a public bondage mood today.
by TerrifiedDad42 May 2, 2022
A girl named with purity in mind that consistently manages to make Hell's wrath cute and forgivable. She walks with the confidence of one who can kill any man with ease because she can and will if provoked. This does nothing to keep people from loving her even knowing that they are always in danger when around her. She has energy reserves that put the energizer bunny to shame and the strongest pimp hand to ever grace the earth. She also smells like strawberries.
Dude look, it's Castalia! She's so fuckin' cool!

You better stop running your flappy folds or Castalia will 100% kill you and I'll tell the cops it was suicide.
by TerrifiedDad42 May 2, 2022