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Labia that takes up too much real estate in the cooter district. Often looking like the woman is trying to smuggle a piece of beef jerky in her panties.
"Damn! Look at the dangle beef on her!" "Eww, I know! She's got so much scrap meat down there that Oscar Mayer wants to shoot her snatch for some bologna commercials."
by Terik October 02, 2007
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Similar to an etch-a-sketch, a douche-a-sketch is used to draw up truly epic douche baggery plans.
"Those guys are a bunch of douche bags, with their collars popped and their self tan makeup on. No girl is going to fall for those faggots. I bet they were out in the parking lot before they came in here, drawing up their plans of attack for tonight on their douche-a-sketch."
by Terik October 02, 2007
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These mythical worm like creatures are said to live off bacteria that forms in old bottles of douche. Upon use they can travel into the woman's vagina and take up residence, much like an STD.
Jason: Hey Sally; have you ever consider checking your vagina for douche worms?
Sally: Douche worms, in my vagina?
Jason: Yeah, it's more likely than you think!
Sally: They're in me. I can feel it... I used an old bottle of douche last week, and I have been wondering where that tingling sensation has been coming from.
by Terik October 29, 2007
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