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An overwhelming desire to go fishing which takes over the fisherman after a long period of fishing abstinence. It is not known why this condition settles in, but it is known that it is best to avoid a person in a fishing frenzy.
-"Hey Mike! Wanna' go grab a hot dog?"
-" Don't bother him man! He's in a fishing frenzy since yesterday!"
by TenHands February 8, 2011
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A fat ungly bitch who works in the HR departement of a company, and who thinks she's the boss of everyone, screaming and making scenes with other employees. This behaviour is due to the lack of self accomplishment she is experienceing.
(regular employee)"Hi Cindy, could you give me a empty type B form?"
(Human Resources bitch)"(yelling)What the fuck!? Can't you see I'm busy?(no she's not)?! Get your own fucking form!!!"
by TenHands February 14, 2011
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Refers to an upcoming violent behaviour on somebody's ass. Medieval civilisation is known for it's cruelty and violence, therefore when going medieval on someone, the results can be truly devastating.
-"I'm sorry man, I had sex with you're wife"
-"(Picks up a baseball bat) That's it! I'm going medieval on yo' ass"
by TenHands January 27, 2011
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Used by stupid italians, when they actually mean to say "I don't speak english".
-"Excuse me, how can I get to the Colosseum?"
-"Perdono, io no speak americano"
-(rolling eyes, straight face)
by TenHands January 28, 2011
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Generaly used when joining an online game as a greeting to fellow gamers. If the other participants reply with a calm ,normal and serious greeting like "hi","hello", etc , it means that they respect and look up to your skills.
-"sup n00bs?"
-"Teach us master!"


-"sup n00bs?"
-"Who the fuck are you calling a noob asswipe?"
-"Yeah! Get the fuck out of here"
-(console):Player banned
by TenHands January 27, 2011
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