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When the female moderator of an online football community attempts to control every aspect of the environment so that it closely conforms to their own personal vision.
After censoring my diatribe against imbalance on the Red Issue message board, it became clear that the female administrator was displaying the symptoms of an over-developed mod complex & lack of real life friendship & self worth.
Female Mod Complex
Me: "Moderating woman, your Moderating Naziness reminds me of Hitler."

Moderating woman: *deletes post* LOCKED "This isn't a Democracy! I'm telling Verbal and he's going to IP ban you!! Ooooooohhhh!"
by Teflon55 May 18, 2009
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1:Whiny bitch on a message board who changes her arguments when pinned down and is a major hypocrite.

2: A loaf of crusty French bread purchased from Tesco.com, crammed up her stinky sex hole to clean it out.
Internet Douchbaguette
Mod: Admin, you've turned this forum to shit.
Admin: DON'T YOU FUCKING ABUSE ME YOU MORON!! *douchbaguette smacks mod across face with a ban*

2: A French delicacy of toasted French bread topped with foul cottage-cheese like vaginal discharge...Purchased from Tesco.com
by Teflon55 May 19, 2009
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