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brittany are kind have a good heart they are not usually the most popular but are up there. brittany can have blonde moments but the are usually quite smart. brittanys are not afraid to be themselves but can have moment when they doubt their awesomeness. you do not want to piss off a brittany cause the can hold tight grudges. they are weird(in a good way)random and all around awesome
P.S they may want to be a jedi
person 1: did you see brittany yesterday
person 2: yeah shes so random
by teenage mutant ninja turtles November 21, 2012
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A small town in Johnston County, North Carolina. The town is home to pot smoking and alcoholic teenagers. With nothin to do in the town, most teens resort to smoking weed in the most obvious of places, or just getting tanked and driving around. if you know a girl from the town of Clayton, NC she is more then likely a Slut, and has a case of the Herps or Clamidia, and should also be handeled only if you are wearing a OSHA approved Biohazard Suit.
Dude, yesterday I visted my grandma in Clayton, NC. The next morning I woke up hungover as shit not remembering anything, and my asshole was hurting.
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April 15, 2010
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