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A term used mainly on the Internet for "vice president I'd like to f*ck," and a play off the word "MILF" ("mom I'd like to f*ck"). Emerged in August 2008 with Republican presidential candidate John McCain's pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.
That Sarah Palin's a real VPILF.
by Teddy113 September 06, 2008

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A straight man who performs homosexual acts for money. Usually said of a gay-pornography actor, it also applies to straight guys who dance at gay strip clubs, do photo shoots for gay-themed erotic publications, act in gay romantic scenes in non-pornographic films or television, or hire themselves out as gay escorts.
Q: I hear Simon Rex used to do gay porn. Is he gay?
A: Nah, he was just gay for pay.
by Teddy113 August 02, 2009

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