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a vaginal condition resulting in large, swelled or immflamed labia and clitoris. The clitoris has swelled so large it hangs down between the equally enlarged labia. The resulting effect appears like a baby elephant's head in the woman's panties.

This condition has been known to occur from overuse of hormones and/or steroids, as well as multiple bombardments by a fat fucking cock which results in the engorgement of the clitoris and streching of the pootie lips
vic : "Damn Kid, I walked by Brit and you could she her elephant pussy hanging out of her skirt!"

Kidpro: "Yeah Brah, I dicked her for 7 hours last night. Her pussy was DeVaStAtEd!"
by Tecmo Bastard March 14, 2008
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a human with ambiguous sexuality. The subject has a smooth crotch and resembles a Ken Doll, Barbie's boyfriend. The subject has no sexual potential other than dry humping with its flat, smooth lower pelvis
WTF its Eamon is SUCH a KEN D0LL. He has no junk, just a flat spot in his pants!
by Tecmo Bastard March 15, 2008
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a legend of the Tecmo Super Bowl online video game community
Kidpro is the greatest Tecmo'er of all time.
by Tecmo Bastard March 14, 2008
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Forcing your dick into a woman's cunt or anus while both are bone dry, creating severe discomfort for the woman and a sense of domination by the man.

Also, the act of fucking someone when they are unwilling and/or unprepared, but u don't care cause they are gonna get fucked whether they want to or not, bitch!

Kidpro bent over WTF its Eamon and dry dicked his anus until the blood provided lubrication. Ouch.
by Tecmo Bastard March 14, 2008
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