3 definitions by Team Romford

1. A friendly jape at an acquaintances foolish behavior.
2. A searing put down to the stupid behaviour of ones enemies.
1. "Colin, you are such a Jamph"
2. "What is that fucking Jamph doing??!!!"
by Team Romford April 21, 2008
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The act of creating new, and generally foolish words on the fly to fit the current situation and/or conversation.

The true test of Wordularness is if the new word becomes absorbed into standard conversation.

An example of this would be to mesh TWO different words into one to facilitate the conversation & the point in hand.
"How Wordular was that?"

"What a Jamph"
by Team Romford April 21, 2008
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Consuming a bottled beverage, using a bendy straw which allows the liquid to be replaced by air, therefore, not creating a vacuum, meaning the beverage will go down faster.

See 'Strawpedo'
"Another round of Strawberry Bastards!!"

"Anyone fancy a Strawberry Bastard?"
by Team Romford April 21, 2008
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