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THE most based individual of all. Has good goals like ending war and the military-industrial complex, and believes in people being able to choose their own destiny, while also experimenting on children and using war as a business to end war as a business at the same time.
Regretful Voter #573792: Man, I wish I voted for Senator Armstrong rather than two senile old men
by Tax Evasion & Fraud March 30, 2022
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A cardboard salesman is like a snake oil salesman but of the modern era. Stupid ass products they sell may be things that you don't even need, like quesadilla makers or scams like a $30 laptop online
15-year-old trust fund kid: My stupid ass tried to buy a $5 1 TB USB online from a cardboard salesman
by Tax Evasion & Fraud September 12, 2022
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A megacity in the desert where its existence is solely based on a desert river that is slowly drying up due to itself, the city offers activities such as gambling, gambling, gambling, and gambling. Every now and then there's a nice hotel paid by vice.
Lucky soul who escaped: I got banned from Las Vegas through a combination of sheer stupidity and luck
by Tax Evasion & Fraud June 23, 2022
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