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Generally describes a rather sad individual, who continually fucks up their life beyond comprehension by repeatedly engaging in reckless juvenile behavior that is consistent with delinquents 10-15 years younger than themselves. A true Ramalamadindog engages in these epic failures despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth and relishes in any opportunity to brag to their friends (i.e. former friends) via Facebook status updates and Away Messages about fictional conquests that are preposterous and altogether unbelievable.
Vik: Yo kid, I just got a new job...it's so ill, it's way better yourz nucka. I'm makin 80,000 bones a year now son...plus comish...so trill! G'd out! fuck yea!!

J-Riz: Um. Ok...?

Vik: Yeahhhh boyeee! I am so effing great! Oh yeah, and I am going to Vegas, got that shizz comped foo! Are you jealous or what?

J-Riz: Nah, man...that's just some Ramalamadingdong. You know you just caught a beatdown from a midget and lost your job at the cheese factory. Please take me off your contact list. UNSUBSCRIBE!
by TargusTargus April 06, 2009
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