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Hypnotizing a chick into submission by laying down that good dick.
Yo. I dickmatized Dawn last night. Now she wants it all the time.
by Tarendactyl May 31, 2016

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When your name is Taren and you swoop into a bar and pick up the youngest drunkest hottest guy you see
She swooped in like a Tarendactyl , he had no idea what happened"
by Tarendactyl January 11, 2016

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1. When you have multiple dicks that need to fit into your rotation and you have to decide what dick is going where, when.
2.When you are surrounded by multiple dicks and they need to be accommodated at the same time.
What did you do this weekend? "I played vaginal tetris and I leveled up"
by Tarendactyl January 11, 2016

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When an intervention is needed because you or someone you love is powerless over The D.
My girl Lauri was airtight last night playing vaginal tetris . I think she needs a dickervention.
by Tarendactyl June 22, 2016

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