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A mini-orgasm, usually coming about when someone is getting pleasured gently or sees someone very hot and feels that tingle in their pants. Often can happen when seeing hot celebrities on TV.
1. So when my boyfriend was touching me outside the pants yesterday I totally had an org because I could tell he was really horny.

2. Watching Johnny Depp get all over Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Carribbean was crazy hot. I had an org!
by taraawesomeness September 16, 2009

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to annoy a dog with your hands, mainly around the head area. any physical contact with the dog's face that does not do any physical harm yet still annoys the shit out of the doggy.
Why is the dog's fur so messed up around his face? Maybe it's because you murgled him so much.
by TaraAwesomeness January 01, 2009

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