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n. 1. One who pretends to study but either fails to complete assignments or fails turn the assignments in. 2. A lazy person who blames others for his or her "stolen" work. 3. A person who expects grades to be given to him or her because he or she cannot fail since he or she is an athlete. 4. A person who fails scholastically due to not turning in work and who's parent(s) enable his or her lack of work ethic by creating excuses for him or her. 5. (obsolete) A person who turns in each assignment and succeeds scholastically due to hard work, conscientiousness, and parents who have high expectations.
That kid is so lazy that it's obvious he's a student.

Her parents find an excuse for her to do what ever she wants because she is a student.

If he wasn't such a student, he wouldn't be such a failure.

She is a good student, and I mean that in the obsolete sense of the word.
by TamiLynn April 04, 2011

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