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A low cost piece of transportation equipment e.g. Shopping cart, Wheelbarrow, Bike, Sled. Used by Bums (aka homeless people) to transport their only possesions with them. Mainly old cans, bottles, and any smelly old clothes they have with them. It is a very important piece of equipment for a bum and their livelyhoods depend on it.
That Bum has a phat Bum Mobile yo!

A highly mobile bum should have his own Bum Mobile.

Nigga stole my Bum Mobile!
by TailsAddict July 10, 2008
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A steel barrel with combustible material inside. Usually lit during cold winters by bums in urban areas to keep warm. You can see these Bum Warmers in alleyways, under bridges, and on sidewalks. Usually the said barrel is surrounded by several bums and homeless trying to stave off the cold.
Bum1: Begging for change is sure hard work. Lets go find something to keep us warm

Bum2: I know of a good alleyway with a nice cozy Bum Warmer
by TailsAddict August 06, 2008
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