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A child born to unmarried parents, see Love Child
umm... what can you put for an example of such stupidity? No comdum.
by Tabzie July 04, 2005

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Okay What the stupid colors mean at my palce are :
Red=your on your period
Green= you want money for it
Black= Hard sex
Glitter= your gay
Blue= soft sex
Pink= your a virgin
and so on... thats all it is...
G: Break one for me
B: why?
G: just becasue
B: *breaks one* Oh now we gotta fuck
G: no we dont
B: oh
(( i do this all the time, its wicked funny ot see the boys faces!))
by Tabzie January 23, 2005

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Someone that loves Tacos enough to do anything for them. Insanely, There are people out there that do that.
*in tune of what woudl you dofor a klondyke bar*
What would ya do for a Ta-co?
Tabz is such a taco whore, she wears shirts that say "taco" on them!
by TABZiE January 12, 2006

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someone that says something, then says you dont have to do it.
"send me a naked pic of you!"
"well if you dont want to you dont have to..."
"send me a naked pic of you!"
"Your Double Sideded Alright."
by TABZiE September 17, 2005

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to go by someone and not say excuse me.
shewent scoozie on by me and didnt even say anything
by Tabzie March 10, 2005

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