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Formerly, a decent website for local classified ads and expression of opinions. Currently dysfunctional in many cities due to craigslist enabling indiscriminate flaggers to remove all ads in some categories.

Craigslist has no help available to users, instead relying on help forums manned primarily by anti-helpful trolls. Users are not treated as customers by craislist, but rather as products. Clicks sell ads in the paid categories, and absolve any previous notions about providing a service for the people.
Ho: Why craigslist be takin my money fo ads, n lettin people flag them off, then wantin to charge me agin to relist?


Rant and Raver: <This posting has been flagged for removal>

by TY1234 June 01, 2010
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A word used to finish a conversation when it gets awkward.
A word use to insult ones friends great mothers sisters
Boy: "I love you". Girl: "Okay". Boy: "Jizzbango"
by ty1234 March 04, 2013
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