Usually an insanely deluded do do bird (criminal) in a jail cell who's so FUCKEN thick he thinks he's above the Law but is actually below The law .

Because incarcerated by Law
Suffers ...
Delusions of grandeur

A dangerous headspace

Keep away...

From crooks

They suck ...
at everything..
Even crime

Above the law BIKIE boss "so and so" was sentenced in court today for 567556876 grams of methamphetamine found in his undies.. the judge said his excuse was petty and He Must remember it getting under his ball sack.. he got 3 years in jail ...

Above The law is his nickname.

That's All
by TSARINA November 11, 2017
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One of the dopest, rawest hip-hop groups from the West Coast, specifically Pamona, CA, with members Cold187um, Laylaw, KMG the Illustrator, Go Mack, and DJ Total K-Oss. ATL is also one of the most slept-on hip-hop artists ever, but only the fans seem to realize this. Contrasting with the hard, street beats of fellow group N.W.A, Above The Law selected funkier, smoother jams for the streets, tapping talent from Cold187um's formal training as a musician. One of the originators of the G-funk genre of music. First signed onto Ruthless Records by Eazy-E in 1989, they made a smash of a debut album "Livin' Like Hustlers," which went on to sell at least 1,000,000 copies and was certified platinum by the RIAA. Their next three albums, also released by Ruthless Records, also sold well, with two more golds and a platinum. All of the members are still around today, apart from KMG, and they still make music occasionally. Cold187um has a number of solo efforts as well. You likely will not see a biopic about these guys, but the whole hip-hop community owes a great deal to them for their work and influence.
Yeah, Above The Law is so damn underrated. If only Dr. Dre had given them credit for G-funk...
by EMAT September 3, 2015
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