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The biggest asshole on a faculty in a school. This person lacks social skills, is condescending and has delusions of grandeur. He is a jerk to both students and staff alike. Loathed by his fellow employees. Hated and made fun of by students. He also idolizes Tiger Woods.
1. "Damn that guy is a complete schramrod, everybody hates him!"

2. "Dude, don't be such a schramrod! I was only asking about your sunglasses."

3. The teacher was being such a schramrod that all the students went AWOL.
by TMW-DT December 13, 2010
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A fighting stance where the hand placement resembles that of a rabbit. Hands up and folded over at the wrists. Used by fake-ass wanna-be gangsters from Sulfur Springs in Tampa, FL.
1. Yamuel used his bunny set in his fight with Armand.

2. "Step into the paint and let me put these bangers on you with my bunny set! Real nigga shit!"

3. Once I throw up my bunny set it's on.
by TMW-DT December 13, 2010
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